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The SaladToday Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States.I wish everyone, every where, a great day.We should always be grateful for our life and our blessings, everyday of the year.I believe we should be grateful everyday for Mother Nature bountiful gifts.She provides our food, our drinks, our health and the happiness to enjoy nature everyday.This is why I choose today to celebrate with a salad.It can be refreshing, it can be spicy, or it can be sweet.It can be very nutritious, a whole meal in a plate.And it helps manage our weight easily.A salad is like a painting, it can be simple or complex, artfully decorated, very colorful. You can bring your vegetable garden, your edible flower garden, you herb garden or the fruits of your orchard.The Basis or the background The salad leaves form the background of our painting.Forget about the boring iceberg lettuce. Please meet the crunchy romaine, the white endive, the bitter spinach, the red radicchio, the parsley and the basil.The main focus that may transform this salad dish into a meal You may wish to add a central subject that will be the main focus of the painting: a grilled breast of chicken, or a grilled filet of salmon, or a medium cooked filet of beef or some nice king prawns. A nice goat cheese could be the center piece.Still Life You may wish to add some fruits, such as wedges of an apple, or slices of a pear, or some exotic fruit. What a nice contrast with the salad leaves.You can choose the fruit for its color, for its form, for its crunchy bite or its sweet taste.GarnishYou may prefer to add some raw vegetables: some juicy cherry tomatoes, some crunchy carrots, a refreshing cucumber, a yellow pepper, a sweet red pepper, some radishes, or your favorite raw vegetable.Just sprinkle some nuts or almonds.Something out of the ordinarySome flowers in your salad? Would you like to try some edible flowers?Would you like the taste of the flowers of chives, the flowers of runny beans, the buds of calendula, nasturtium, maybe some roses or violets?There are so many possible combinations; we could probably eat everyday of the month another salad.Tip for weight managementEat as much raw vegetables as you wish, they are full of vitamins, enzymes and minerals.They are tasty and nourishing.Enjoy every bite.